In Loving Memory – Albert Gray Edwards

Ned was born to Victor and Maggie in Aberdeen on 1 December 1923; the first of their two children. His brother Alan arrived almost exactly five years later.  Alan, a father to Anne, Duncan and Fergus predeceased Ned in 2010. Victor was an Agricultural Engineer and the family home was in Great Northern Road; handy […]

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In Loving Memory – James Stewart Robertson

Stewart was a gentleman; and as Bernard Shaw once said. “a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out” and that was Stewart to a tee.  He was born to Jock and Peggy in Peebles on March 28th 1941; one of their two children, a brother to Harvey, and they […]

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In Loving Memory – Robin Morris

Robin Laurence Morris, twin, was the second youngest of four children of Austin Douglas Morris and Molly Morris. A wee brother to John born on 13th July and to Jennifer, born on the 11th July. Robin and David came along on the day in between – the 12th July. So four family birthdays in three […]

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Jean Campbell Grieve

Jean was born in Edinburgh on 15 September 1925 and was the first of Andrew and Annie McArthur’s four children. She was a sister to George, Barbara and Anna. The family home was in Granton and that’s where Jean grew up. She attended Wardie Primary School and went on to complete her secondary education at […]

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In Loving Memory – Eleanor Douglas

Eleanor, the daughter of a miner, was born to Bob and Peggy Stobbart in the family home in Arniston on the 17th March 1937 and was the first of their five children. In the early 1940’s the family moved to Newtongrange. Eleanor was a bright youngster who loved to dance. And it was at the […]

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In Loving Memory - Blain Oliver

In Loving Memory – Blain Oliver

As his mother Rosie said; “Number one son, Blain Richard Oliver, as he liked to refer to himself in every Christmas card he ever sent to us. A brother of number one sister Skye, and number one brother Q2, such rivalry to be number one…. but beneath it all… good friends.” Blain was born on […]

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Marian McKellar

In Loving Memory – Marian June McKellar

Marian was the first of Duncan and Rose McKellar’s two children and was born on the 29th June 1927 in Teddington Middlesex. A sister to Duncan junior who arrived in 1934. Marian was an extremely bright child who developed a love for literature and the English language; she was exceptionally well read. Her childhood was […]

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Bob Brownlee

In Loving Memory – Robert (Bob) Brownlee

Bob was born to Louis known as George and Jean Brownlee in Edinburgh on the 7th December 1947; a wee brother to John and an older brother for Roselin. The family home was in Pennywell north Edinburgh but when Bob was seven the family moved to live with Bob’s paternal grandmother Isabella in Dalmeny Street […]

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Joy and Chas Atkins wedding photo

In Loving Memory – Joy & Chas Atkins

Joy was born to Joyce and Harold in London on the 21st February 1926; she was their only child. She went to school in London and then a boarding school in Hertfordshire. In a display of what was Joy’s independent strong willed nature, she once climbed onto the school’s laundry roof in protest at being […]

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In Loving Memory – Steven Cameron

Steven Cameron was Gordon and Liz’s first child, a big brother to Stewart; they were very close. He was the first grandchild of Liz’s parents; Betty and Jim Neilson and the third for Gordon’s parents; Cathy and Donald; all of whom spoiled him and he loved that. He was known as……Steve, Scuba Steve, Steven. But […]

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