Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings are the most joyous occasions; a time when friends and family come together to share in the happiness of a couple.

Our celebrants are authorised by the Registrar General for Scotland to conduct legal marriages anywhere in Scotland; see our wedding venue directory for some ideas.  The location is up to you…… A grand castle?  A stately home?  A secluded spot in a forest, on a hilltop or the beach?  Maybe in your own wee corner of the world…. your front room or back garden!

Wherever you decide the result will be a ceremony which is just as unique as the people involved; see some of our testimonials.

Wedding ceremony video credit: Steve at Cherry Tree Films

Humanist Association Scotland celebrants ensure the couple’s mutual love, respect and commitment are key elements of their ceremony.  It’s important that a wedding ceremony has a balance of; solemnity, romance and light heartedness, reflecting the couple’s personalities; each ceremony is unique, personal and memorable.