Humanist Naming Ceremonies

It is such a wonderful occasion when the immediate and extended family is further increased with the arrival of a new baby, or in fact babies. Holding a Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to introduce a child or children to family and friends.

It also affords parents the opportunity to appoint; Guide Parents, Guardians or Supporting Adults to be there for the child / children at all stages of their lives. To offer additional support and guidance in all manner of things; such as encouraging their hobbies and pastimes; possibly providing expertise in those areas or to simply be there to encourage their development.

The Swedish writer Ellen Key wrote and I quote:

at every step the child should meet the real experiences of life; the thorns should never be plucked from the roses.

Children innocently help maintain and develop the links within the family and do increase their circle of friends – benefitting the community, and isn’t that a good thing?

Naming Ceremonies for children of all ages

Family circumstances can and do change, so a naming ceremony isn’t of course restricted to new born children; it can be for children of all ages. And can be good to recognise the positivity such an occasion might bring.

Humanist Celebrants for Naming Ceremonies

From a Celebrants perspective, it is a delight to be asked to conduct a naming ceremony, especially when the same celebrant conducted the parent’s marriage. Perhaps even more so when asked to return on a subsequent occasion when a wee brother or sister arrive.

This passage of prose taken from such a ceremony is particularly pertinent;

You don’t need me to tell you that any child brings challenges, new adventures and tremendous joy to the whole circle of family, neighbours and friends within which he lives. James arrival has brought his parents and big brother Alan great joy, and made them look afresh at what’s really important in life.”

The Association’s celebrants would be delighted to meet with you and chat about your naming ceremony.