Renewal of Marriage Vows

This is a fun thing to do with each couples ceremony a uniquely special occasion; with the choice of having a formal or more informal event.

Reaffirming marriage vows fits the bill perfectly for that special anniversary.

But more commonly these days, it serves as a celebration of a couple’s marriage vows when; for whatever reason, they chose to – “do the legal bit” – out with Scotland – and in a simple way with no fuss.

In such instances the renewal of vows ceremony becomes the uniquely significant and wonderful occasion of the celebration of their marriage vows and their love for each other in the presence of family and friends.

Note: It should be borne in mind there are certain criteria that apply to this type of ceremony as the celebrant will explain.

What about the venue? Well as with all humanist ceremonies the choice is yours. It might be an intimate ceremony at a favourite outdoor location – perhaps at home in the garden or in a grand castle.