Steven Cameron

1st August 1992 - 15th December 2014

Steven Cameron was Gordon and Liz’s first child, a big brother to Stewart; they were very close. He was the first grandchild of Liz’s parents; Betty and Jim Neilson and the third for Gordon’s parents; Cathy and Donald; all of whom spoiled him and he loved that. He was known as……Steve, Scuba Steve, Steven. But what’s in a name; Steven has been described as; caring, kind, thoughtful, gentle, charming, helpful, considerate, attentive, sharp witted, funny, quirky, the list goes on…

He was a clever and inquisitive toddler with a very gentle nature. Steven loved stories, to chat and ask questions. He would often ask for some stories to be read over and over again, especially “Big red the fire engine”. He also loved Thomas the tank engine, and anything to do with dinosaurs, snakes, and dragons.

At primary school in Linlithgow he was given certificates for various achievements, one of his earliest ones was for his quiet and shy nature and for trying very, very hard to sing out loud.

There were memorable family trips to Sicily, Portugal, Majorca, Ibiza, and California; with his red hair and fair skin he was careful in the sun.

Like most teenagers as secondary school he had his highs and his lows. He enjoyed technical subjects like Maths and Physics, also Hospitality studies. He left school with good grades and enrolled for a couple of college courses. The first was a HNC in Games development in 2009, and three years later an HNC in Electrical and electronics. Although he never completed the courses he gained such knowledge he was able to help student pals with their studies.

A school friend Sjibohn Dovaston wrote; “He helped me so much in my maths, he took time to explain everything to me in a way that I would understand. He’d spend hours with me on my homework. I ended up flourishing in maths and it became my favourite subject. He was so smart and talented”

Steven enjoyed playing Shinty for a spell and was an orange belt in Judo successfully competing and winning medals at inter club level. He was a good runner and loved to run the local parks and paths of Linlithgow. He explored the caves and mines in Beecraigs Park and would climb any rock face he could find. Recently he was enjoying reading Dante’s epic poem Devine Comedy.

Steven took jobs in hospitality and worked at events including the Commonwealth games, Ryder Cup, and the Hilton Waldorf Astoria sometimes clocking up 14 hour shifts.

Early in 2014 he met Vilde, they were great together; the future was looking bright. He was planning to start studying again in 2015.

Steven was intelligent, articulate, and very witty. He had impeccable manners, style and grace. He was good looking, elegant and tall, he liked to dress smart - he was his own man.

Steven was not conventionally religious but spiritual; a deep thinker.

Gordon and Liz said “We were privileged and very proud to have him as a son and he will live on with us through our thoughts and memories for ever.

Stewart writes “We went around the world, we fought, we cried, we partied more than some people ever will. The amount of good times, laughs and memories severely outweigh the bad ones. When it was bad…it was really bad but when it was good, it was absolutely fantastic. I loved that boy like no one else, it just took a long time of fighting and arguing to realise that and it made us best pals in the end”

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