Lee Brooks

30th November 1981 - 30th December 2013

The loss of such a brilliant young life is a devastating and heartbreaking blow to all who knew and loved him. Lee though would have wanted you to go on and live your lives without limits, without fear, revelling in the great gift that life is, as he did, for however long each of you has on this planet.

Lee was born to Linda and Roy in Salisbury Hospital on the 30th November 1981 and was their second child, so a brother for Karen who was seven years older. “My beautiful brother and I had a wavelength and almost telepathic connection that nobody else would understand. I've lost my little brother and my mate. Growing up we had so much fun. We were both as competitive as each other, but he always had the edge at most games, I'll give him that."

Lee was a very bright and happy child who as a youngster enjoyed playing football and did so for local youth teams as well as the school team when at Ferndown. He was a life long Tottenham Hotspur fan and would certainly have been delighted with their New Years day result at Old Trafford. “We were privileged to have Lee as our beautiful precious son and friend. He used to take the Mickey out of us but we loved that. He brought us constant joy as a baby and all his subsequent life."

It was at school aged five he met life long friend James Phillipson-Masters. Lee had the pleasure of being best man at James and Esra’s wedding and James returned the favour and was delighted to be best man at Lee and Heather’s wedding. "Throughout his fight Lee's strength of character and his personality stayed positive. He remained a happy bloke even at the most difficult of times. Heather too has been a rock to Lee throughout this period. Linda, Roy, Karen and the rest of the family have all been incredibly strong and supportive, going to great lengths to be in Edinburgh as much as possible. All of them were so brave every time I visited. They can all be very proud of themselves. Rest in peace mate and thank you."

It was at work, where in 2007 Lee met Heather, the love of his life. After just two or three weeks together, they were rarely apart. 6 years on, Heather and Lee got engaged and had a great time planning their wedding and in the lead up to it they also added to their family when their tabby cat “Popcorn”, named after Heather’s favourite snack. Popcorn made them laugh everyday. The wedding in July was exactly what they both wanted and both gained loving extensions to their families. “Lee was a special and much loved son in law, brother in law, nephew in law and cousin in law, happily embracing his Scottish family, whilst always trying to explain the finer points of the more English sport of cricket to ‘cousin in law’ Stuart!”

On Christmas Eve, Lee's mum gave him a small hand bell on which it said “ring for Heather” and despite being very ill Lee still had his sense of humour, he rang the bell for Heather numerous times, even if only to pass his drink, which was closer to him than it was to Heather. Heather has placed the bell beside Lee as he now sleeps and will always be listening for it. Lee lost consciousness on Christmas morning.

Heather says she could not have asked for more from her husband and that they felt they were almost one and the same person. Her message to Lee today and forever, is that she loves him. She always has, and always will.

Lee fought hard, but died, peacefully, on the 30th December.

We were all a part of Lee’s life and although his physical presence is gone; a part of him lives on amongst us.

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