Reintroducing Sharon

With phase 2 coming in, and the restart of weddings in Scotland, we thought this would be a great time for our celebrants to reintroduce ourselves. To make things a bit more interesting, we’ve asked each of our celebrants to share a photo from a special moment of their own lives and tell its story.
Today it’s the turn of our rural Aberdeenshire celebrant, Sharon Short from Portsoy on the Moray Coast. Sharon says:

Like a lot of people at some point in their lives I had some decisions to make. I had fallen out of love with my job and had no great plans for a better future. I was also very aware that I’d not traveled the world as I had once planned.

With the generous support of my husband Paul I decided to take some time out and to independently travel around India as a way to break out of everyday life.

It’s fair to say that I fell in love with India and it’s people and over the next six weeks of my life had many adventures, too many to describe here. This photo marks the midway point in a journey from Delhi to Mumbai. It was taken at Sabarmati Ashram, in Ahmedabad which was once the home to Mahatma Gandhi.

The journey through India and what I learned about myself on the way set me on a new path that led me first to a new job then over time away from my old career and indeed away from my old life when Paul and I took the decision to move back to my family’s country, to Scotland. I also left my old career and began my new life as a Celebrant a job I am very much in love with. Xx”

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